Peachy Affair

” I was sad and then I ordered something online” ..

You felt happy after reading this??

I am sure many of us feel relaxed and super happy after shopping.

As far as online shopping is concerned we always look for brands on which we can trust and obviously for those products which are quality wise best and fits in our budget.

Online shopping is very much easier than finding your favorite pieces at stores. So, recently I came across this “Awesome” website called “Oxolloxo” and I was amazed to see such a easy on pocket and different collection same as its name… 😉

They say ” Our difference leaps alive with our name. Oxolloxo. Pronounce it as ‘oksa lock so’. Or any which way it pleases you.
It will read right both alphabetically and numerically. Left to right, and right to left. The first fashion palindrome. Our name will tell you that we are both art and arithmetic. We are logic and literature. We are yin and yang. We are day and night. We are sun and moon.
We are also East and West. International and Indian. Clothes from across the globe, and at prices that fit local wallets. ”
low res
Embellishments on shoulder & “Oxolloxo” carved on buttons


Well I have styled my peach shirt with black jeggings with lots of “Gold” & “Rivets”, in such a way that even if you are in office and want to go out for some evening date , or just to chill out with some friends in a lounge you can. All you need to do it add some dash of gold & you are good to go.

I really liked this shirt, it has embellishments on shoulders and just because of that its not looking boring. I have paired it with my spikey Heels and embellished Jimmy choo handbag.

For Jewellery, I have just added up my knuckle triangle tribal ring from Globus and double trouble golden earring from “Apparelsshoesbagsnmore”

I really like “Minimal” jewellery if I am carrying a big size handbag.

I feel this is a perfect look that can be worn when stepping out for-

  1. Brunch with Friends
  2. A casual Lunch
  3. A relaxed Dinner

p.s : I made sure i didn’t leave without my Rose Gold Michael Kors watch and lethal Orangish Red lipstick ..

Does this excites you much??

Then you yourself should give it a try and I am very much sure you will love the product once you receive it.

Just let me know what you think about this outfit 🙂 😉

Till then, Love you all…

Outfit by : Oxolloxo

Jegging  : Get gorgeous

Ring : Globus

Earring & Heels : Apparelsshoesbagsnmore

Watch : Michael Kors

Handbag : Jimmy choo




2 thoughts on “Peachy Affair

  1. Your outfit is so gorgeous! I love your bag ❤


  2. I love that handbag and then I saw the description Jimmy wonder! has to be gorgeouss
    Do checkout my blog and follow me if you like my writing! XOXO


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