Felt good on my lips

Hi Lovelies,

How is summer treating you ?
I am totally tanned and loving it.. Summers are my favourite..

Yes you heard that right :p because I loose so much weight & then I look thin , and I really dont care about the tanning part as far as I look good :p

Well coming back to the post I am here to talk about my all time favourite Pink  Lippies. So, Lets start off with my all time favourites.. Let me tell you I have bought them like twice and thrice just because I was in so much love with the shades.. 😛 I have swatched them for you in the end..


1 . Cameleon Color stay (Shade N-09 INR  599/-) : This is my most most most favourite shade of all time and I use this in mostly all of my blog shoots. I am obsessed with this.. This is 2 in 1 matte + Lip-gloss lipstick in which after applying lipstick you can apply lip gloss if you want glossy look as it dries too quickly and looks totally matte .. But to be frank I have once used that gloss and it sucked big time that I removed it there and then and promised myself to not to use it on my beautiful pink lipstick E.V.E.R…

(P.S. Its a kiss proof lipstick 😛 sssshhhhhhh)  Buy it here.


2. The Big bang berry (Sugar Cosmetics INR 599/- ) : The big bang berry is like those friends which helps you in disguise .. Yes , this lipshade works with every freaking dress you own either its Indian or western.. So basically Big bang berry is a saviour , knight in purple armour or whatever you feel like calling it . Its matte finished and pigment is fairly nice . Even being matte it does not give that dry feeling to your lips. So for me its an awesome buy..And yes its my first wine lipshade and I am drooling over it. Buy it here.



3. Maybelline color sensational rebel bouquet (INR 475/-) :  After applying this lipshade you will feel only one thing let’s B]be a rebel 😛 (ha ha ha just kidding). Keeping this name in mind Lipstick is little rebellious and keeps on fighting up with my lips and melting out from it .. I am a huge matte fan and this on the other hand has a moisturising formula which makes it perfect for summery hues but its  less pigmented so you need to swipe it for 3-4 times on your lips for opaque look. I will rate it 2/5 just because its not matte 😛 but if you are not as much as crazy about matte lipstick this is one of the best moisturising lipstick you MUST HAVE.. You can buy it from here .


4.Arezia Matte Me (Young Pink INR 499/-) : Arezia Matte Me is a matte finish lip cream that offers smooth application, with no need for a second coat. In fact, because of its original formula, more coats won’t do much for you or change anything. This lipstick my friends is super duper dry on my lips . I dont know if its me or everyone experience the same. But trust me you will love this bright electric pink lipstick. You will infact look Ramp ready .. This lipstick is too kiss proof 😉 Mind it “Kiss” proof 😛  ..Buy it here.


13061939_1725332834373009_8518540564477504267_nMuch Love




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