Quirky Quickies : Revamp your space

Hi Lovelies,
This time I came up with lifestyle post. I am really being lazy in doing DIY’s but I promise I will make one DIY post super soon for you. Till then this “Quicky” which might help you out if you looking out for some tips to revamp your space..
If you planning to revamp your house in limited budget then this article might act as knight in shining armor for you.
These are our top 6 picks (under budget) which can help you revamp your house in just few bucks.
1. Glitter frames : You will easily find glitter and glue at any craft shop .
Take any old photo frame and put glitter on it.
These frames can also be used as a mirror corners.
2. Thread lamp : For this you need a balloon , glue and threads. Put glue on properly pumped up balloon and start pasting threads in the way its shown in picture. After the glue dries pop up the balloon.
3. Ombre dresser : Ombre is something which is too much in fashion.
So what you can do is you can paint your old dresser with this new style and can feel like a princess.
4. Paint glass bottles : This is a very interesting way to make you side table look lively.
You can paint old glass bottles with some paint and use it as a vase for your house.
Let me tell you they look lovely and chic.
5. Pep up your pillow : This is a total zero cost revamping. You can use your old shirt / scarf and even your mom’s old silk sarees to make your pillow look exquisite.
You can take your pillow and tie knots in such a way that it look like a pillow case.
6. Decorate Tree branches : This is the coolest and NO COST idea.
Get out of your house collect branches and use it as a side table decor piece or as a drawing room decor piece. Just paint put some fairy lights on it and you are good to go.

Well I am going to write an entire new post as how you can use tr
ee branches to decorate your house.
That’s all for now. Go and try these 6 awesome revamp ideas and don’t forget to share pictures.
Till then,

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