A Bohemian Escapade..

“She is not wild, she is free…She is a bohemian dream… “

Hi Lovelies,

How true is that quote, right? A free spirit doesn’t know any rules of fashion or fame; it follows its own mind. Likewise, in life too there is only one rule:  “Follow no rule!”

Wearing clothes your skin feels comfortable in and not sweating to stay up with the ongoing trends is the key to extraordinary fashion statement.

Every girl wants to break rules, feel free and wishes to do everything she has been forbidden to. We often dream to wear clothes that are not just rebellious but also fun to carry. I too get those dreams and always wanted to get dressed differently from the societal norms and that is the only reason I created this look.

But before that, I have a small story to share with you guys. When we were shooting this look, me and my team were not satisfied with the initial pictures and had no idea what factor was missing in the pictures. They were definitely not coming out the way we wanted them to. And then I had this crazy idea! I picked out the bindi pasted on my friend’s forehead and put it on mine…and Woaaahhh! It was just enough to add that spark of perfection to this boho look. If you are following me on Instagram then you must know my love for bindis.

Coming to this look, it is more of a boho/coachella inspired look. I have created it using one long striped dress with sheer shirt barely wrapping my shoulders. For a casual evening, you can carry sheer shirt over any dress to accentuate your outfit without looking out of the place.

Back to dress details: I got this striped dress and sheer shirt long ago when I visited Sarojini Nagar market in Delhi. Its an amazing place for high-street fashion stuff. I have teamed it up with my white Nicholas sneakers and CK sports watch. For jewellery, I have worn this beautiful Victorian style neckpiece which is giving a shining edge to this whole outfit. And I have carried all my belongings in this pretty tassel bag which is so perfect for this “Boho look”.



Dress : Sarojini | Sheer Shirt : Sarojini | Shoes : Nicholas | NoseRing : Local Market | Neckpiece : Appareslshoesbagsnmore | Bag : Koovs | Watch : Calvin klein | On my lips : Sugar cosmetics – The big bang berry


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