Beauty magic of Charcoal

Hi Lovelies,

Please welcome our first Contributor “Espraha Tandon” . She is a expert technical trainer in beauty & nutrition in a reputed beauty institute, and also handles spa and nails section. Hope you will like this contribution of ours and yeah do let me know if you want to know more about beauty and nutrition..

Much Love,


Heyyi Sundaries !!

I am Espraha Tandon , cosmetologist by profession. Here I will be sharing beauty secrets from my pitara and guiding you all about skin, hair and nail care. Along with this sundaries you will be updated with latest beauty trend.

Well !! It’s my first post ever as a contributor for this blog I am sharing about charcoal….yes you read it right “CHARCOAL”. These days you can find charcoal (popularly known as activated carbon\carbon) in toothpastes , face packs, face washes and shampoos.

The first thought of applying black carbon on your face won’t fascinate you, but believe me this is a magic ingredient making your skin smooth and clearer.

Charcoal is a blessing ingredient especially for oily and acne prone skin. Charcoal basically when applied on skin it attracts excess oil, dust and dirt from pores. It works as a magnet which pulls all the impurities from pores . As a result, you have minimized pores (charcoal helps in open pores problem too) and reduce breakouts with regular use.

Best about charcoal is that it’s all natural and won’t add any new chemical to your skin. You can also use this wonder ingredient for your hairs too (Yes !! it won’t add any extra chemical to your scalp and hair ). If you are facing severe dandruff problem and have tried each ‘n’ every remedy known and still there is no relief then try charcoal, it will clear your scalp from flakes without drying your hairs.

There are many more ways in which charcoal helps our skin and hair and I also have many hair and skin charcoal DIY recipes in my pitara….. If interested to know more you can inbox us.


Hope your few beauty cravings were served with this post. Till my next post, stay sundar sundaries.

Beauty vibes from

Espraha Tandon



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