Tasting Kava

Hi Lovelies,

First of all sorry for a late post because I met with an accident few weeks back and still recovering. I hope I will be regular from now on.

How you all are doing my loves, I missed you all. So you all enjoying rains or not!! I am not because I am not a monsoon person & I really don’t like when it rains. I don’t find monsoons romantic & I seriously don’t know the reason behind it. I am not the one who enjoy getting wet in rains rather I would like to sit inside and have delicious food and that is the biggest problem of my life right now . Yes you all guessed it right I am getting fat 😦 . And if you follow me on my Facebook you all must be well aware of that I am planning to shift from Fashion blogger to Food blogger ( Just kidding, I won’t 😛 ).

So as I was lazing around at my place & I got an offer from Fairfield by Marriott International to go over there and review the food & beverage at “Kava”, which is a restaurant & bar section in the same. And trust me its the best thing that happened since a long time.Firstly because its “Marriott” secondly because Hello! I lovee food. 🙂

Come let me take you to this awesome Foodgasm session which I had there..

About Kava

Kava is a restaurant and bar area which offers all-day-dining and serves authentic Indian and Western cuisines like Oriental,Continental, and Italian in both Buffet and A-La-Carte options.  Kava Bar section offers a blended mix of Mocktails, Cocktails and fine spirits.



  1. There is also a private dining section which has a seating capacity of 16-20 guests.
  2. Kids buffet is charged @ 50% of normal price.
  3. They also have Inaugural offer going on, on buffet @ 550/- (Taxes applicable)

My experience with Kava


As I entered Kava I was spellbound by the soberness and classiness at the same time. I really liked what they did with mason jars and over-sized glasses, I loved the concept of open bar and open kitchen. Environment there was peaceful and happy.  I gathered myself and took a seat in the corner, near the glass window because it was raining, even though I don’t like rains but I definitely don’t mind sitting near the glass window and watching drizzles in the garden area while having my food.

As I was watching little droplets running through the glass, a voice behind me said Hi to me and it was Executive Chef Prashant ; who was responsible for each and every meal which is being prepared there. As soon as I met him I was excited as my food spree was about to start and I was really eager to know as what was going to be served.

I was welcomed by three types of cocktails namely ; Electric shock (with mint leaves) , Berry- Berry, and Double current.


And I chose Berry-Berry because it was Pink  and I love berries.  Although I have tasted all three but after that I was super happy about the choice I made. Berry-Berry was the best indeed.


Then I was served with some “Chaat” on my table which includes Paani-puri, Dahi puri and Paapdi Chaat and all these three had phenomenal taste. If you are a Chaat-Lover you must not miss this.


For starters I was served with :

  1. Spicy corn carnal : I never liked corns ( had to eat it because you all know how moms are) in any form but this my friends is by far the best tasted corns I had. The flavor was little what you get with crispy honey chilly potatoes without the sesame. It was just so awesome.


2.Fresh cottage cheese nuggets : Softest cottage cheese nuggets I would say and again I was so confused as to what to leave and what to eat. Nuggets were served with thousand island mayonnaise dip


3. Cheesy Mushroom : If you really want to know what “Foodgasm” is you SHOULD try this. They look tempting and when you eat them you would not want to have anything else.Trust me on this, I am a non vegetarian but if you keep this dish and some non-veg starter I would choose this over anything. And it will be an insult if I will try to tell you the taste of it in writing you should visit yourself and relish this amazing dish.


4. Birbali Paneer tikka : This one was normal paneer tikka, nothing fancy and after having cheesy mushroom I was stuck onto that. But if you are a paneer lover you will going to like this one because the way they served it and the way it tastes.


Heading towards the Main Course :


  1. Methi Corn Malai : So once again it was”Corn dish” and I was really excited to taste this  one. Because after having Spicy corns my expectation level was high and Voila! I loved the flavor Methi was giving to the corns.


2. Paneer Lababdar : My whole food spree was mix of corns and paneer. And oh I love cashews and i can easily sense the right amount of cashews used in the same and the softness of paneer and richness of gravy made it so perfect.


3. Punjabi Daal Tadka : Daal was equally good in terms of spices and taste and the flavor of tadka was making it taste more delicious.


4. Butter Nan


5. Veg Biryani: I love rice in any form and Biryani be it vegetarian or non vegetarian is something I cannot resist. I ate veg Biryani’s at many places but this one was equally as good as non veg one minus the pieces which non veg have and the fragrance of this one was heavenly.



For Desserts : 

I had no space left in my stomach after I finished this full bowl of Biryani & I saw my table was filled up by several desserts :


1 . Dry Fruit cake

2. Moong Dal Halwa

3. Kalakand

4. Motichoor peda

5. Rasmalai

6. Chocolate cake

7. Mango cake

8. Baked yogurt and fried Ice Cream

I was so sure that I wont be able to finish this list of desserts so I chose Rasmalai, Chocolate and mango cake and the show stopper ” Baked yogurt & Fried Ice cream”. I definitely would like to mention that these desserts had such a tender texture that it was melting in my mouth.

Lastly , I would like to tell you all about the “Baked yogurt and Fried ice cream” as this was very new for me and I have never eaten such stuff in my life. It was such a different experience altogether because I hate ice creams. Yes I do (Please dont hate me) but after seeing this I had to eat this and trust me this is the best thing in the world if you are a Ice cream lover.



To sum up this spree I would like to say that if you are getting this in your buffet trust me you don’t need any more food in your platter. I was so full that I wasn’t being able to move, pose and even walk.


Talking about the staff and chefs they were polite, great cooks and awesome human beings.

I would suggest each and everyone of you to please visit this place once only then you will understand why I am saying and complementing each and every dish of Kava.


In the end I would like to thank each and every staff who served me my meal. And That’s Chef Prashant (middle) with his team.


Location : Fairfield by Marriott


Much Love,




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  1. Great post! 😍 the food looks great and so do you. 💋💕


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