Desi Krasi #IWearHandloom

“There is a shade of red for every women – Audrey Hepburn”

Hey Lovelies,

Finally I am back with the bang 🙂 And now you all will see my posts floating everywhere from WordPress to Facebook and  from Instagram to Snapchat just everywhere. I am just too happy that my leg is finally recovering and I can click as well as pose :p Yayy…

Coming back to the post, you all must have heard about #IWearHandloom campaign by Smriti Irani, if not then let me give you a little insight on that. So , basically this Hashtag trend is going on insanely on twitter and Facebook majorly and started after Textile minister Smriti Irani posted a photograph of her in a Handloom cotton saree from Bihar and asked people to share there Handloom looks. The idea behind this campaign is to promote Indian weavers.

Adding up in this campaign on this National Handloom day i.e. today (7.8.2016) I am taking an initiative to hold a “Handloom Week” till independence day and I would like all of you to participate in the same by sending you pictures wearing Handloom clothes with #IWearHandloom and #Vineyardpassageblog. Now let’s talk about my look which I have created.

About this Look

As its National Handloom day today, and I am doing Handloom week , I thought why not start my week with Lucknow’s own Chikankaari. As I was searching and looking about the look I came across this wonderful brand from Lucknow itself known as “Krasi” . I went to there store “Patli Gali” (How cool is that) and was awestruck that each and every piece  which was there is so unique that will make your look stand out from everyone. I have always this notion in my mind that if I will search for chikankaari pieces I am gonna get those usual Kurtis and Sarees but my perception is totally changed now.

I was searching chikankaari piece and they have a crop top with bell sleeves made on georgette with chikankaari.. HOW AMAZING!! This crop top is a perfect example of fusion of old with new.. I mixed-matched it with a long flowy Red Silk skirt and some bohemian jewelry pieces which was complementing the whole look.

And I have experimented with my hair by doing milkmaid braid but I was not feeling confident so I let my hair open and voila I got some best pictures..



Skirt : Krasi | Crop top : Krasi | Neckpiece : Anaika | Layered chain necklace : Shop Lune | Earrings : Pipa Bella

Hope you loved the look. Well now I am waiting for your pictures. Don’t forget the hashtags and tags I mentioned. Will be choosing a winner 🙂 on 15th August.

Much Love,



1 thought on “Desi Krasi #IWearHandloom

  1. It’s much easier to undnestard when you put it that way!


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