Charming Charms

Hi Lovelies,

Its been a very fluctuating week in terms of my health. Still fighting with flu 😦 Well keeping all these things aside let’s come back to my post. So I have received a beautiful box from Pink hippo Store.  

About the Box

Pink hippo Store have this Charm Box club in which they send you a monthly charm box related to specific theme which they choose every month. This month’s theme was Rio Olympics.


Box comes under 4 types of pricing, you can choose according to your wish :

  1. One Month Box : Rs. 399/-
  2. Three Monthly Box : Rs . 1199/-
  3. Six Monthly Box : Rs. 1999/-
  4.  One year Box : Rs. 3399/-


I have never seen any other box sending charms in a box. I really love these supplies as I am a big fan of DIY and I will definitely make something out of these charms soon 🙂 . If you are someone who love to make things on your own using charms then this box is for you because  generally we don’t get these type of unique charms in the craft shop, so pink hippo store is the best place to get these charms boxes at minimal price.

As I mentioned this month theme was Rio Olympic theme and box contains 6 different types of charms plus beautiful cards :

  1. Cheer Leader
  2. Time it
  3. Gymnastics Girl
  4. Winner Medal
  5. Victory Tassel
  6. Copper Leaf


  1. Untitled-1IMG_20160813_175858IMG_20160813_175213IMG_20160813_175504
    This one is my Favorite


    Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Charming Charms

  1. Cute charms! I hope you feel better soon. 😥


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