Paperboat : Drinks & Memories

“If you could make people taste memories, you should”

Hey Lovelies,

Wow What a thought! Isnt it!!

So when it comes to juices and non alcoholic drinks I always prefer something different and not just plain juices and Paper Boat came as a rescue.

As the first line says “ If you could make people taste memories you should” this is a perfect line which blends up with Paper Boat . Each and every drink of this brand connects you with your childhood memory.

. I have no words to explain that feeling when I first visited there website And trust me when you visit there site you will instantly get that “Malgudi Days” feeling and you can not resist yourself indulging back to your childhood days.

Paper Boat is a brand which needs no introduction! Launched in 2013, This brand has been winning hearts of many people with their authentic Indian drinks and super creative advertisements which will replenish your childhood memories

“Paper Boat” this name also took me to my younger days when I use to make boats out of paper and use to put it in the rain waters just to see how far it can manage to go. Ah’ those days, I just cannot forget.

Few days back paperboat sent me chilli guava drink in a beautiful pink colored tin container , which had this tangy chilly flavor that instantly took me to that time when I use to come back from school all tired and hungry and me and amma use to eat Guava in afternoons with salt and chilli flakes with my lunch. Guava has always been my mother’s favorite and as soon as I got this drink I also shared it with her. And she was really happy with the taste.

If I talk about the packaging and delivery of the drink, these guys nailed it. That tin container I have already filled it up with all my essential products and using it as a storage container. Plus delivery was very prompt and I was literally amazed.

Any drink can be made to taste good. Or feel nutritious. But how many drinks tell a story? Because when companies get together and dole out a drink to the parched populace, it’s practicality. But when history and geography conspire to make a drink favored through the ages, that’s destiny. And this is what paperboat is all about.


What I like about Chilli Guava and Paper boat

  1. Awesome Packaging
  2. Great taste
  3. Prompt delivery
  4. Doesn’t contains any artificial colors and flavors
  5. Travel friendly pack
  6. Easy on pocket

What I didn’t like about chilli guava and paper boat : 

Its perfect.



Price – Rs.30/- (per pack) | Quantity 250 ml



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