“Food tastes better when you eat it  with your friends “

Hi Lovelies,

So true, Right! I went to this recently opened place “Mocha” who hosted bloggers meet for Lucknow bloggers. It has already started creating its buzz in town and has become a happening café attracting mostly the younger set. The décor cleverly combines a fresh and very English look inside with a bar counter which can serve all your quenches and urbanized green lush area at the outside in the balcony where one can sit and enjoy lovely weather and at this time when it rains every second day one can seriously sit there for hours and can enjoy nature. From the interiors to the exteriors, from the dishes to the glasses they have uniqueness. This place used mason jars as there glasses for water and milk bottles as there smoothies glasses ( I love creativity so much)

What I have ordered

Ferrero Rocher Shake


Kaanda Paav


Tex Mex Sizzler

Penne Arabiaca


What I Liked “The most”

I wrote “I liked the most” in the heading because there was no item which I dint liked. Ferrero rocher shake had the just right amount of sweetness and loads of chocolate (#Ilovechocolatesomuch) and trust me after having this shake your tummy will be almost full and will have no room for next dish. It’s a must try-out item there.

Heading on to next item which I liked was an Italian dish, I don’t know how many of you reads my article but if its food and if its Italian I don’t give much attention to that food as personally I don’t like Italian at all. So when I put my fork into this dish I was like ok let’s taste this thing and OMG this dish again have the right amount of sauce and texture in it and I was so much indulged in Penne Arabiaca.

After eating these two I had no space left for anything so I headed on for some photo sessions with my girls because that place is so relaxing. Oh by the way they also have one door which will give you a feeling of being in the Greece itself, as its so blue.

Well all in all I really loved the environment and space which mocha have. Oh by the way they have started musical nights and afternoons I suppose so next time when you make plans for this place do call them or drop a message inquiring about the musical schedule which you definitely gonna love. I still have to experience that.



Do write to me about your Mocha’s experience once you visit this beautiful place. Till then eat healthy and think better..

Facebook :Mocha

Instagram : Mocha

Much Love,






3 thoughts on “Mocha-licious

  1. Must say you look awesome Shishta…. and the outfit you chose fits well with Mocha. Glad to see that Mocha is living upto its name even as a franchise.


  2. Photos are so good! Food looks amazing!


  3. Thanks dear for writing it in such a beautiful way..


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