Girl Bossing with FemNmas

“Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique “

Hi Lovelies,

How this long weekend breaks treating you? I hope you all enjoying these vacations. But for me it was only work mode on kinda thing. So recently I went on work trip to Goa and it was a very very very small trip in which I only worked and cribbed about being in Goa and not enjoying.Imagine I haven’t even been to LPK, neither to lovely beaches except two . (Poor me) 😦 .. Okay ! Enuff’ of my cry baby mode now and let’s come back to the topic.

So you all read that quote right!

In my opinion jewelry do have a power to make you standout from the crowd, and when you going to your workplace rather looking boring and usual you can try out some jewelry to enhance your whole look.  Few days back I have received a very small and cute parcel from “FemNmas” and when I opened it I was like “Wow, I was looking for some necklace like this for my formal wear”.

About FemNmas

In French, Fem means a girl and Mas means a Boy. Jewelry and Women are soul mates, says Mrs. Anshu Chitkara, a 25 year old gorgeous lady founder of FemNmas. FemNmas started its online jewelry business in August 2014, to cater to the needs of young and busy women.According to her, “the expectations in the designs of jewelry are similar to the expectations of a soul mate to a woman.” In simple words, ‘she expects to feel the best when she is wrapped in jewelry, just the way she would feel in the arms of her soul mate.’She adds up “Make us reach you and we will teach you to live life to the fullest in the most beautiful manner. We make sure that you look pretty on any occasion, irrespective of whether it is formal or casual, personal or public. Help us to bring out the inner beauty of your soul to your personality, help us to beautify YOU.”

My Look

I had a meet up and I wanted to be all dressed up in formal attire and my biggest question was how to accessorize this plain black peplum dress and at then in a fraction of a second I recalled this cute little box of jewelry by FemNmas, I opened it and wore beautiful beige neckpiece which matched perfectly with my favorite pair of heels.  The best part about this neckpiece is , it looks heavy but its very light and easy to carry. Stones which they have used on the neckpiece are very fine and smooth in texture and the edges of the same are not at all rough so you dont have to worry about opening up your hair as it wont stuck  and  I wore no other piece of jewelry with this as I wanted to keep it simple, minimal and stylish. I applied a redish lip shade and a eyeliner to look edgy.


dsc_0055dsc_0053dsc_0035dsc_0023As I already wrote that FemNmas is that brand which will cater all your needs be it formal or casual so you yourself can check there website and judge it. I truly love their collection.

I have also got two more piece of jewelry which you will see soon on my blog, till then do let me know if you like this or not.

You can get this necklace from here

Shop collection here


Much Love,



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