When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, its useless to seek it elsewhere..

Hey Lovelies,

I am still into the hangover of Goa, and I am very sure I am not coming out from that soon. Peace and calmness which I feel near sea and on beaches is something which I can never explain it to anyone in words. And that calmness and peacefulness is something which I am still finding amidst this chaos and this post is dedicated to the same.

Indigo & Blue color always gives soothing effect to eyes and that’s exactly the same which I felt near the sea and also by looking at this dress. So, I was looking for some location where I can do justice to this Maxi dress which I got from Lila and can spend some time with myself and feel tranquil.

About Lila

I personally like dresses which are khadi and tie-dyed, It’s like a new found love in fashion for me. Designs which are in Lila are so quite unique that it will attract you and you will end up buying a lot of stuff from there. They will give you very classic Indian feel when you look at them.  Lila have everything in there stock from Maxi dresses to skirt and from tunics to palazzo, even shirts, jackets and many more things. Apart from dresses they have started there range of handbags.

Lila is a design lab based in New Delhi with a vision to be experimental using the simplest of ingredients with a desire to create designs that are both minimalistic in appearance as well rich in craftsmanship.  Lila strives to use only pure and natural materials that are both locally sourced and fabricated – giving not only a laid back vibe but a sense of quiet sophistication.


About Look

I have received this beautiful Indigo colored Ikat maxi dress from Lila few weeks ago and since then I was thinking of how to style this and I had the hardest time deciding what to accessorize and what not and finally I have decided not to over-do and go simple yet chic.

So, Ikat basically is a fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft thread, or both are tie-dyed before weaving. I really liked this maxi dress because firstly it is Khadi and secondly its design is totally different it also has pockets and is very comfortable. I have paired this dress with my anklet design neckpiece which I have got from Goa, big hoop earrings and paired it with my platform slippers, you can also wear any tie-ups or even with white sneakers. I also wore bracelet which I have received from Femnmas. You can also read my other jewelry item which I received from the same brand here. I wanted to go nude in makeup but my makeup artist suggested me to go red on my lips and contour my face a little bit, so I asked her to do the same as I am really bad when it comes to makeup and she did the same for me and now I know why makeup is so important.


Ikat Maxi dress : Lila | Slippers : Inc.5 | Anklet choker : Street shop Goa | Earrings : Globus | Bracelet : FemnMas | Rings : Local shops

Do let me know if you would like to see look 2 of this dress. Mail me or comment down below.

Facebook Page : Click Here

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Website : Click Here

Photographs by : Shiva | Post Processing : Me

Much Love,





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