Layers and stacks

“Jewellery adds richness, another layer in the storytelling,

it can make moments Iconic “

Hey Lovelies,

Have you liked my last post? I have already received mails asking for look 2 , I am not promising it but will definitely try to do that really soon. As you all know I don’t like accessories much but I don’t mind styling myself with one or two pieces of jewelry.

About Krafftwork

Krafftwork is an online (instagram) store by Kavisha Doshi. This online store is one value for money store when it comes to fashion jewelries, they always have something unique and fashionable which is in trend and by buying it you can enhance your fashion quotient among your group. There quality is beyond compare to any online store and finish of the products is also up to the mark. They always keep products which are in fashion and keep on removing the old fashioned ones. So if you see less posts there need not to worry about their credibility as I said they remove old and sold items. They also deals in bags, stylish phone covers and many more things you would want to buy as soon as you will look at them.

About my look

Multilayerd chains are totally trendy and in these days as it will give a very stylish look to any outfit be it plain tops, off shoulder tops or be it sweaters (winter is coming). When I came back from my Goa trip I found this beautiful parcel which came from Krafftwork and I was so happy when I opened it because it was having two of my favorite jewelry pieces one was Multi layered chain and other was bracelets. I was amazed to see the quality and finish of the products. I have received golden colored, multi layered chain and when I say golden it is the perfect golden color and was not at all gaudy. These chains individually have different designs on it made out of metal, studs and stones. Personally I like multilayered chains because its like wearing one piece of jewelry and looking beautiful.

Other product which I received was multi bracelets in black color which I can pair with any of my western outfit as well as it can be used with any indo-western too.

I have teamed up my distressed denims with my black tube top and a sheer black shirt which I have got from Delhi. I wore golden platforms so that it can match my multi layered neckpiece. Just adding a piece of jewelry I was ready to go for any party even in that attire also as this jewelry gave me a confidence and added charm to my look. Coming to my makeup I went nude on my face, mild smokey in my eyes and pinkish nude lipstick on my lips.


Do share your ideas of how you can pair your multi layered neckpiece. Waiting for you pictures in my mailbox .

Instagram : Krafftwork 

Much Love,



4 thoughts on “Layers and stacks

  1. Oooh…. this is hot… you look fab shishta…


  2. Hott


  3. You write so hostleny about this. Thanks for sharing!


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