Goa Diaries : Day 2

Smell the sea, and feel the sky

Let your soul and spirits fly


Hello Lovelies,

As I start thinking of writing Goa diaries I found myself indulging in all those memories of sun, sand and beach. I think I am more of a beach person, I don’t know if I have mentioned that or not but I feel calmness near the sea and in the sound of waves. Just love it. I want to go back 😦

Well keeping that aside let me tell you all what I did on the second day of my Goa visit. So as you all know as soon as I reached there I attended bloggers meet and I was so damn tired and because of that I was not being able to visit any place. Next day I woke up around 11 and was so sure that I missed on my breakfast. But thankfully IBIS styles close there breakfast session around 12-ish and after knowing that I was a happy soul. Because when you on vacay, you definitely don’t feel like waking up at 8.00 in the morning. They provide buffet breakfast and after looking at the buffet table I was fully awake, because so much food options to choose from. From English breakfast to typical south Indian and from noodles to poori bhaaji everything was in the option.

What was in my breakfast platter?

  1. Croissant
  2. Bread-Jam
  3. Boiled egg
  4. Cornflakes cookies (Bestest one)
  5. Tea
  6. Noodles
  7. Mccain Smiles
  8. Methi pakaori
  9. Rava Upma
  10. Aloo ka paratha
  11. Poi (Goan bread)
  12. Fruits


Poi Bread


So, As you can see my stomach was more than full by having above things so I decided to go to nearby beach by cycling. IBIS styles also provide cycles and helmet so that you can commute nearby. I straight away went to the nearby beach which was calangute beach. And just to mention you cannot take your bicycle to beach and you have to keep it in the parking. Yes!

I sat down across the sea and watched waves coming up and down so calmly I decided to film it and sat there for almost 2-3 hours then I went to do street shopping and finally returned back to my hotel.

My second day was also more laid back and relaxing as I dont want to spend my time in commuting here and there rather sitting at the beach peacefully and contemplating my life (lol).

What I wore?

I wore my only denim shorts which I love because they are very comfortable, I paired it with my peach spaghetti top and for jacket I used my scarf and tied a knot by joining two ends. Plus I wore crocs for comfort at beach. I avoided any type of jewelery because I wanted to feel comfortable.


Once I came back I was s tired that I slept for few hours and then got ready to have my Dinner at Spice It restaurant by IBIS styles. I have ordered “Recheado Prawns” they are basically Prawns in Goan sauce and Cheese chicken pasta with Garlic Bread, just to mention that these two dishes made my stomach so full that I was not being able to order anything else. I quenched my thirst with fresh watermelon juice.  Although I do not want to have any sweet dish but restaurant staff insisted me to try  “Bebinca” , a traditional Goan sweet and its must try if you visiting Goa. Less sweet but heavenly in mouth. So that’s about it.


Will give you all update of my Day-3 super soon.

P.S. And if you wish to see how to style  scarf for various purposes let me know. I know how to make No-Sew (few super cool) things made by scarf.

Much Love,





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