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Hey Lovelies,

How are you all? I am being too busy these days because I working with many people and helping them out with social media so not being able to write post more frequently. And also I have started vlogging although I don’t know if I will be able to pertain that longer but I will try to do that.

So finally I have done some haul and I am literally very much happy after doing that. I was going through many websites and was confused as to from where should I buy products. I want to buy some natural brands to try up on and then I stumbled upon a website called “Qtrove – Curated with love “

About Qtrove


At Qtrove, we believe that YOU are unique and so should be the products you buy.The experience of shopping and selling should be delightful and joyous and our aim is to release you from the “tyranny of choice”. 

We have decided to handpick only the best/unique products from the choicest of vendors across the world for that curated and a personalized experience. For a change, let a marketplace be about the quality of products it sells rather than the range.

This website deals in various categories :

Food & Beverages

  1. Homebaked products : muffins,cakes,cookies etc.
  2. Beverages : tea, coffee, smoothies & pulps etc
  3. Preservatives & condiments
  4. Breakfast & Dairy products
  5. Grocery staples

Bath & Beyond

  1. Skin Care : Includes soaps, body wash, powders , cleansers, scrubs,lip and foot care and body oils.
  2. Hair care : Includes Shampoo, conditioners, oils and color and dyes


  1. Grooming essentials
  2. Bow ties
  3. Handmade jewelry and bags
  4. Up cycled products

Home Décor and Household essentials

  1. Kitchen essentials
  2. Garden decorative
  3. Living room essentials
  4. Home fragrances
  5. Stationery items

Kids Zone

  1. Toys
  2. Baby care
  3. Kids clothing

Gifting ideas

  1. Gifts
  2. Gift hampers

Pet care

The 199 Store


What I have picked

After spending so many hours on this website & contemplating what to buy and what not to because each and every thing is just so delightful, from natural beauty products, handmade items, and even food and beverages.  So I decided to include something for my lip and hair care as I am very careless for these two . Also I have linked each product so that you can buy directly.

I have ordered :

  1. All natural Chocolate Balm
  2. All natural coffee lip scrub
  3. Pomegranate Hair conditioner
  4. Rustic art bounce and bloom hair conditioner

Also I have also ordered one Dewberry candle in Shot glass.

I have used just the lip balm till now and it has totally chocolaty fragrance and is best for lips in winter.

Apart from this if you all want me to review products individually let me know will do the same.


Till then I would recommend you this website to shop from. The best products which are curated from the best brands.

Much Love,






3 thoughts on “Qtrove : Curated Trove

  1. Love how creatively the pictures have been captured. 😍


    1. I came, I read this article, I coequnred.


  2. A prvotcaoive insight! Just what we need!


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