But first, tea…

There’s nothing heavenly like a hot cup of tea when it’s chilly outside. I always had this difficulty in choosing between Tea and coffee because I am someone who likes both. In simple words Tea is something I cannot live without. I want tea like almost after every meal.

So I have got this very lovely curated box from TeaBox and is loaded with 4 different Tea blends to keep you warm and comfy throughout this season, also you can gift it on christmas as well as in New year to someone who is a Tea lover like me.

What is Tea box?

Teabox is an online tea shop that delivers, every single day, the freshest Indian teas from estates in Darjeeling, Assam, and the Nilgiris as well as freshest teas from Nepal to tea lovers everywhere. As a company, we believe tea is so much more than just a staple part of mornings and meals. An exceptional cup of tea, for us, has a more exalted place in the everyday life.  You can buy Loose leaf, Teapacs,Teaware, and also gift packs to end your tea quench.

Inside my box

  1. Assam Masala Chai
  2. Chamomile Ray (Black tea)
  3. Green Earl Grey (Green Tea)
  4. English breakfast tea (Black tea)

I have received 4 packets each of these 4 teas. I personally don’t like black tea so rather I have used a little amount of milk in my teas and created something else out of chamomile and English breakfast as I wanted to know how it tastes with milk because I already had idea of how Assam masala chai and Green tea tastes like. I have prepared both Chamomile Ray and English breakfast tea with a dash of milk. I am penning down my experience with both the teas :

  1. Chamomile Ray Tea : A blend of aromatic Nilgiri black tea and chamomile flowers, the flavors in this tea take over your senses right from the first sip. Immensely smooth, heady, full flavored and ample in the mouth, curl up in your coziest best while sipping on this soothing tea. It has a hint of astringency, crisp with flavor notes of chamomile flower and pineapple with hint of coconut and bitter almond.
  1. English breakfast tea : A blend of orthodox Assam and Darjeeling black teas, this rendition of the classic English Breakfast promises to liven up even the most slothful mornings. Its flavors grow steadily, starting mellow and sweet but revealing stronger, high-fired notes as you sip through the cup. The liquor is brisk and dense yet largely smooth. Soft notes of honey and malt start the cup while stronger, high-fired notes, resembling tobacco, come through towards the middle and the end.

But I chose to add milk in both the cups so I got perfect teas. Next time I will try to have some black tea and review it on my instagram. Also will update about the other two.


Well lastly I would like to give a 10 on 10 to the packing of Tea Box. It is just perfect and the teapacs which you are going to get are not the ones which you generally get in any dip tea but it is a triangle shaped cute Nitrogen flush bag.. I am totally in love with. Go ahead and buy them, then you will understand the difference in normal tea and TeaBox pacs.

Website Here : Tea Box


Much Love,



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