Shine on ft. Fashion Subway

Not all shiny things are Golden few are chocolate brown 

Hello there everyone,

Wishing you all a very happy new year and also I hope 2017 to be little better than 2016 as it was a very bad year not just for me but I have heard this from many people’s mouth. I have many pending posts and due to my other work commitments I was not being able to upload it. But from now I will try to be little more active here.

So as you all know last month I celebrated my Birthday and also anniversary of my blog which was on 20th December, which was just a day after my birthday. I was not being able to do much about it because I still think that I have just started and have a very long way to go before any celebration.  Also I want to say a big thanks to everyone who stood by me, believed in my work and also who liked my work, without you all I don’t think I would be able to achieve this much even.

Coming to my post so it is already  4 days past to New year and now I got time to upload post which I wrote and clicked on a day before New Year’s eve. It was New year so I thought why not let’s experiment and wear something shiny and glittery for my party and Fashion subway came to me as a rescue for my perfect party dress. Just to tell you more about this brand, It is a boutique in Lucknow by Srishti Bahl who customize western and Indian dresses both and also I don’t think till now I have found any better boutique then Fashion  Subway.

As soon as I got the invite for my friend’s house party which has to start in afternoon  till 2 am because New year I thought why not wear a beautiful chocolate colored glitter dress which I have received  from Fashion Subway . I wore this dress with my favorite denim jacket also I paired it with fishnet stockings and boots. Also I wore a plain black choker to complete the edgy yet glam look. I shot this look inside my friend’s place because I thought why not shoot it where I wore it.



Dress : Fashion Subway | Denim Jacket : Elle | Boots : H&M | Ring : BlingLane | Fishnet Stockings : Forever 21| Choker : DIY

Do let me know if you like this look or not and also you must visit this boutique if you are planning out on some outfit. I will link them down below so that you can easily locate the profile.

Lastly Happy new year once again hope you all have an awesome year ahead.

Fashion Subway  :  Instagram | Facebook

Much Love,



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