Sizzle your taste buds at Fairfield by Marriott

Hey lovelies,

As I started feeling happy about the fact that winters are going away, it started raining since yesterday and I can feel the chill in the air and I have to crib about it with you all. I generally hate winters because I do nothing just eat & sleep and because of that reason I gain weight which is totally a big turn off for me, because then I keep on irritating people around me and keep on asking them, if I am looking fat and how much I hate this. Keeping my fatness aside let’s come to the main thing so few days back I got to know about the sizzler festival which is going on in Kava Restaurant at Fairfield by Marriott. So when it comes to good food I am totally ready even if its winter , or even raining. I went straight to Fairfield to sizzle up my taste buds as sizzlers and rains is a deadly combination. I know I am getting fat , but dont judge 😛 (LOL)


So without making you all wait I will come straight to what I ordered and how yummy everything was. There were plenty of mouth watering dishes and pictures of which are attached down below. I will just write in brief about what I had and what I liked.


What I Ordered


Dahi ke batashe

Galawati Kebab 

Watermelon Fizz

As I sat comfortably in the corner of this big restaurant, checking out the number of platters were there in a buffet and also contemplating in mind as to what to order and what not to,  I saw a warm welcoming smile of Chef. Prashant who just love to fill your tummy with every best possible food he can cook. He came to my seat asking what I would like to have and what my preferences are from starters till desserts. So for starters I had yummy Dahi Batashas filled with mashed potatoes, matar and loads of curd and meethi and hari chatni with sev on the top. Next in line was my favorite Galawati Kebab with Paratha neatly cut in small square shapes. The best part of Galawati kebabs is its tenderness and let me tell you these kebabs are best kebabs I had till now. Lastly I ordered watermelon fizz which had a dash of lemon juice which was adding tanginess after all I had.

Dahi Batashas
Galawati Kebabs
Watermelon Fizz


Main Course


Veg. : Sweetcorn Cutlet with coriander Sauce with steamed vegetables, masala Fries and noodles

Non Veg : Lamb fillet with hot garlic sauce, steam vegetables, potatoes wedges and fried rice

So as I finished my starters I could see my sizzler making way to my table leaving whole restaurant with a aromatic smoke. Also sizzlers at Kava are not only for your taste buds but also a treat for your eyes. Colors on the platter makes it look so yummy that you will not be able to resist.Sizzler options at Fairfield are so much that its a delight for both veg and non veg lovers. I went to the sizzler fest so rather than ordering whole main course thing I paid attention to sizzlers only . I have ordered one Veg and one non veg sizzler so that I can tell you both vegetarians and non vegetarian readers  what to order.  Sweetcorn cutlets were very soft and tasty and masala fries are something to die for. My Sweetcorn Cutlet platter was scrumptious and after having that I had no room left left for my other platter but I had to taste it so I went ahead. The aroma of Lamb fillet platter served with hot garlic sauce was so delicious that I couldn’t resist and ate everything which was there on my  platter, fried rice served with lamb fillet was also delicious and had the perfect amount of spices in it.

Sweetcorn Cutlet with Noodles and Masala Fries
Lamb fillet with hot garlic sauce and fried rice




Sizzling Brownie

At Kava there are plenty of delicious options for dessert and trust me just by looking at them you would like to have each and every thing in your plate. And I did the same I went straight to the dessert counter and filled my plate with Rasgulla, Fruit custard, Motichoor ladoo and Banana cake. As I started having it what I saw was Chef. Prashant got me one more sizzler and this time it was brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup and it was not less than heaven.



Non Veg Sizzler : 600* Plus taxes

Veg Sizzler : 550* Plus taxes

Sizzler fest is going on and will be up till 29th January 2017 .


Much Love,



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