Modern Fairytale ft. eShakti

“Once in a while right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale..”

Hi Lovelies,

Oh God, I love this quote and also I dont think there is only one type of love which is there to give you that high after which you will feel like a fairytale moment. For me its came up as a dress.. Yes! you heard that right.. Now you must have been thinking how a dress can give me my fairytale moment. Well let me ask you a question.. How will you react if someone asks for all your wants and needs and give back exactly the same thing you want? Wont you feel happy? You will right!! Exactly the same happened with me. Have you ever wished for a dress with your choice of customization and also which is unique and gives you sense of satisfaction after you own it? If not then you might be shopping from the wrong place altogether.

Well, few days back I ended up on a website named eShakti, which is a women fashion company like no other. ..Also till now this is the only website is which is giving customization’s as per customer’s need which I came across. . It’s headquarters based in United states but they do ship to India.

About eShakti

It is not enough that clothes look good on mannequins. They need to look good on you – this is our philosophy. We make clothes just for you, not to just fit well, but also to have the neckline, sleeve and length work for you. We also make every garment to your exact height. At eShakti, you can, of course, also buy clothes as shown in the standard sizes from 0-36W – or you can have them customized to your specific size with your selection of neckline, sleeve and length. It is your choice and it is easy, fast and affordable.

We like to think of eShakti as liberation from the size tag. eShakti is about empowerment. (Shakti in Sanskrit means “power.”)

About my look

I got this very pretty chevron maxi dress from eShakti, it is a flowy cotton dress. It was a sleeveless dress but I opted for sleeves as its winters and also I opted for side pockets and just to let you know the fabric is really good and pockets are not clumsy they are big and comfortable also it doesn’t make the garment heavy. Also this is one of the website which doesn’t show false pictures. You will get what you will see. Apart from the quality, design and comfort their next best thing is the delivery system which is very prompt and doesn’t take ages to come.

I have paired my maxi dress with heels and pearl drop earring and a bracelet which has green hearts on it. For makeup I had opted a nude look.

I really loved the kind of comfort I felt with the fabric and also the design and stitch of the dress made me feel stylish.


Hope you find the best fit for your dress.

Shop here : eShakti


Much Love,




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