Nails gone nude with Lacquer Nail studio

Any woman can wear  great outfit , but it’s her nails that makes the statement..

 Hey Lovelies,

Isn’t that quote is true? As you all know I am obsessed with my new Gel nails and flaunting it everywhere possible. I have very brittle and weak nails so keeping it long is a hard task for me. But for deciding up on permanent nail extensions was a quite big decision for me. Because I get bored of things easily , but life is all about taking risks isn’t it?

About Lacquer Nail Studio


As I wrote above, life is all about taking risks and I took it by going for permanent gel nail extensions.  So I came across Lacquer Nail Studio, it is one of a kind dedicated Nail studio specialized in extensions and hands and feet beautification which is recently opened in  Vipul Khand , Lucknow by Mrs. Kashmira Pasricha.  Also I will take you through myths which  which you might have before getting nail extensions.

What are nail extensions?

A light weight plastic nail glued to the tip of natural nail in order to add length.

What are Gel nails?

Gel is a special mixture that is applied either on top of an artificial nail extension, or directly onto the natural nail bed to strengthen the nail and promote natural growth. The gel is usually applied in very fine layers, with the nail technician ‘curing’ or ‘sealing’ the gel with a UV light between each layer so that the finished result is hard but still flexible with a natural looking glossy finish which is both instantly dry and chip resistant.

Whilst gel can be applied on top of an artificial extension to add length, they are particularly good for individuals who have very short, weak or bitten nails because they allow the nail to strengthen and grow below the layer of gel.

Pros of Gel nails

– Gel does not cause damage to the natural nail and can be used to strengthen, protect and promote growth in the natural nail.

– Gel is odourless unlike some acrylic or liquid powder nail systems. Gel is also more flexible.

– Gel is considered to be a safer and more environmentally friendly option to acrylics.

Cons of Gel Nails

There is only one con according to me which is- Most gel nail variations must be cured using a UV light meaning that they are difficult to fix at home.

Gel Nail Removal

Gel nails should always be removed by a nail technician (preferably who applied your gels in the first place), and under no circumstances should you attempt to remove your gels at home, because you would not like to hurt your nails.

Steps of Nail Extension


Step – 1 Filing of nails


Step – 2 Artificial nail getting glued on nail tip
Pasting done
Step – 3 Cutting off extra length
Step -4 Buffing artificial nail to give shape
Step – 5 Removing the residues
Step – 6 putting up Gel nail solution
Step – 7 Curing gel nail solution under UV light
Step – 8 Gel Nail paint
Step – 9 Final check / threading on nail paint



dsc_0218Myths of nail extensions

  1. It’s a permanent one and won’t be removed for longest period of time.
  2. It’s a kind of surgery
  3. It will harm your natural nail or nail bed
  4. It’s a painful process

For all the above points there is only one answer : NO.

P. S. I have taken nail extensions on 12th January and they are still intact with the same shine.

Valentine Offers

There are two offers which are going on in Lacquer Nail studio :

  1. Temporary nail art free with Manicure and pedicure
  2. Gel polish application is free with nail extensions.


Address : 2/1 Vipul khand Gomtinagar Lucknow

Contact number : 07800630888

You can book your appointments for nail extensions or even for manicure and pedicure services by messaging them HERE or HERE.

Do message me any question you might have regarding the same and I will try to help you in every possible way.

Much Love,



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