Ayam-Indonesian Food Fest at Renaissance

Hi lovelies,

As you all know I love to eat and I already once mentioned that I am thinking to turn into a food blogger . No no I am not turning into one but yes will be writing reviews if something good comes up in the way .

So, Recently Renaissance invited me to the Indonesian food fest –AYAM , and I was very excited to taste it as it was my first experience to taste Indonesian cuisine. dsc_1213

As I went there Mr. Balwinder Pal Singh, Executive Sous chef, greeted me warmly and gave me a tour of L-14. He told me about each and every dish which was on the buffet table and helped me choosing my dish.So without further ado let me tell you little bit about Indonesian cuisine and then what I had.dsc_1292

Indonesian cuisine is one the most colorful and vibrant cuisine with intense Asian flavors I have ever came across.  Because Indonesia is a home of different ethnic groups so its food culture also came from indigenous culture and foreign influences. Well I am not here to take you back to the history so I will take you straight to what I had.

What I had

  1. Indonesian Clear Soup
  2. Assorted Satay platter
  3. Raw papaya Salad
  4. Fish Gado – gado salad
  5. Squid and prawn salad


  1. Crème brulee
  2. Tiramisu in chocolate cup

So for this food fest I had ordered Indonesian clear soup and a assorted non veg – veg satay platter which includes different skewers from lamb, chicken,fish,prawn, to cottage cheese, mushroom,and babycorn. Satay is their national dish which is prepared in almost every home in Indonesia and is highly addictive. And just to inform you if you are opting for this platter please be assured that you wont be having any space in your stomach for more food. But Somehow I managed to taste raw papaya salad, squid & prawn salad and fish gado-gado salad. Among these three I loved fish gado gado salad because the flavors of herbs were just right.

I was so full that I had no room left for desserts but crème brulee took my attention and I ordered that so that I won’t regret that later.  Crème brulee is basically a burnt cream consisting of rich custard base topped with caramel. Next was tiramisu in chocolate cup which was a tiramisu topped with chocolate mud in a chocolate cup (Totally edible)

Enter a caption

Satay platterdsc_1178dsc_1181

Enter a caption
Enter a caption

Squid & prawn salad


Raw papaya salad


So if you are hungry after all these mouth watering pictures you must go and attend this Indonesian Food fest AYAM happening at L-14 in Renaissance till 12th February and do let me know what all you liked and ordered.

Much Love



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