Feel the Sun

“In the depth of the winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer”

 Hi lovelies,

Winters always brings challenges when it comes to outfits, how can you look stylish when you are fully covered and layered? So for me I am happier getting dressed when it summers and now as winters are finally going away I am a happy soul again. The best part is I can easily shed off my weight I have gained during this season. Also this is going to be my last winter outfit post and also hope that you will like this monochromatic look.

The word “monochromatic” includes two words “Mono” means “single” and “chromatic” means “color” which includes all shades of grey including black and white. Also this doesn’t means that you will only wear one color from head to toe. You can wear shades of one color ranging from lightest to darkest shade.

About my Look

So I am more of a stuff yourself with warm clothes in winters kindda person but this time I paired my Forever 21 crop sweater and ripped denim with fishnet stockings also I have paired my outfit with boyfriend ankle boots.I have also tried giving my outfit an English feel by adding up fedora hat and a suede messenger bag . I am a big fan of dark lips even in day time for winter so I have applied True brown K from Kylie Jenner collection. For accessorizing my look I have wore studded bracelets.


Sweater : Forever 21 | Denims : Reliance Trends | Fishnet : The shoppers delight | Bracelet : Krafftwork

Do let me know if you liked my look also you can send in your suggestions.

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Feel the Sun

  1. Super cool and edgy! Loved this post👍


  2. You look so chic!


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