Pre-Holi Care

Heyyi Sundaries !!

First of all really sorry for not being in touch with you all during this time. Well now I am back and promise to be in touch with u all. This time I am here with some home remedies from my pitaara for this holi season.
Aren’t you sundaries excited about holi, frankly speaking I love holi , I love colours but yes dry colours. You know many of my friends love holi but due to after effect of colours on skin and skin they avoid playing holi.
Well !! Here I am for your rescue and I have few remedies from my pitaara which will help you in protecting your skin & hair from holi colours.
Let me tell you there are these oils in our kitchen and in our beauty cupboards that can help our skin with pre-holi skin care :-
  1. All you need is mustard oil and apply it head to toe (yes, even on your hairs).
    Mustard oil helps in hydrating skin ‘n’ hair and at same time it doesn’t let extra colour to settle on skin for long.
  2. You can even use coconut oil, it is also hydrating and doesn’t let holi colours effect much on your skin.
  3. If you have excessive dry and flaky skin , in that case you can use sesame oil (til ka tel).
    This oil is very thick in texture, this oil won’t let holi colours effect your skin.
  4. Some of us have sensitive skin and we are worried about rashes and allergies from holi colours. In this condition, you can apply castor oil. This oil is again thick in texture but, it also protects skin and as well as cures scalp and skin problems.
So, this post is all about `pre-holi care’. My next post will be about `post-holi care’.
Till then stay beautiful sundaries & watch out for next post.
Beauty vibes from,
Espraha Tandon

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