Capoor & Sons : Review

Hey Lovelies,

Ah’ isn’t that title filmy? Well you all must have read the title and let me tell you I am not talking about that karan johar’s movie with wrong spelling. Today, I will be writing my experience of newly launched restaurant bakery café at Gokhale Marg, Lucknow “Capoor & Sons”. This restaurant has a very fresh feeling and the interior will take you to one of the posh cafes and bakeries which we generally see in metro cities. I am literally very happy that Lucknowites are now thinking of some new concepts and interiors to look better from one another.


In one line, “Capoor & sons bring to Lucknow, the best of Indian, oriental and continental cuisine mixed with love and served with a whole lot of adab and tehzeeb” .

What I Ordered


I was welcomed with two different beverages one was Watermelon + litchi lemonade and other was Caramel Go – Nuts. Where watermelon + litchi was a cooler and the other was Ice-cream blended with caramel and toasted peanuts premium shake. I liked the shake much than the lemonade because I love shakes more than coolers. They have around 30+beverages to choose from, from tea to cold coffees, hot chocolates, premium shakes, coolers and soft beverages.


Starters & Main Course

Talaa Murg : So to start with I ordered Talaa Murg for starter from Indian menu, it is basically Indian style fried chicken. It was well fried juicy from inside and crispy on the top. It came with onion rings and green chutney.

Untitled Export3

Punjabi Platter : Next in line was Punjabi platter. I was expecting a normal platter but when it came I was totally in love with this platter. Dal makhani, burhani raita and creamy paneer makhani gravy came in those little tea glasses and served with assorted breads for sides they have onion and chutney again.


Bao-Buns with chicken : As soon as I saw this in menu I ordered it immediately as it was new for me so I ordered this oriental starter, Bao-buns with chicken. They are basically steamed pocket buns with chicken finger tossed with fresh herbs and gooey sauce.

Untitled Export2

Hakka chicken noodles : This was a normal hakka noodles but the flavors were very fresh and shredded chicken was tender.


Boti kabab burger : This burger was star of my lunch because this was the speciality of the restaurant. It was griddle cooked boti kabab topped with mint mayonnaise and pickled onions. It has a tender mutton boti kabab inside which had a total desi taste and the buns were soft and fresh.


Chicken filled Juicy Lucy burger : Juicy lucy is a cheeseburger that has the cheese inside the meat patty. This was the juiciest burger I had till now. If you are visiting Capoor & sons then this is a must try item from the menu.


Both the burgers were served with French fries as sides.



Devil’s chocolate cake : After having such delicious food my tummy was almost full but as soon as I saw this dessert on the menu I found it interesting and ordered it. It was a classic chocolate cake which is light and spongy yet devilishly decadent. Layered with chocolate frosting and had a muddy feeling in mouth.


Strawberry Donuts : I love donuts and I can eat them anytime and every time. As I saw it coming I was jumping with happiness (Not literally) but yes.. Strawberry donuts had sugar frosting with hot strawberry sauce poured on it topped with colorful sprinklers.


Tiramisu Jar cake : This was tempting and delightful. With apt flavor and the softness of spongy cake I loved how the whole cake looked and tasted.


That’s all what I ordered and had. I think this was one of my best food tasting sessions I had at any restaurants. The food was delicious, things which were needed to be soft were softest and also the spices and the flavors were well used.


I would suggest each one of you to give it a try and do let me know the reviews of the same.


Ambience: 4.5/5

Taste: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Price: 5/5

Facebook Link : Here

Instagram Link : Here

Picture Credits : Team Shish Photography & Artwork

Note : No pictures can be reproduced or used in any form without owner’s consent.

Much Love,





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