Italian Food fest at Renaissance L-14

“There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food”

Yes that quote is super true. Well to start with I never ever loved Italian food and the reason is I never liked the taste or the aroma it has. The only thing I like in Italian food is Cheese and more cheese.

But Chef. Santosh at Renaissance popped the bubble for me. When I got the invite to attend food tasting session for the Italian Food Fest which is starting from today i.e 7th till 16th April 2017. So I was little confused as to should I accept it r reject it as I already mentioned I don’t like Italian food much.

So finally when I went there and things started coming first thing I noticed was, I really liked the aroma of each and every food which was being served.

While some of the most popular dishes associated with Italian cuisine include a tempting plate of pizza or a heaping plate of pasta, there is much more to the world of Italian cuisine.Chef. Balvinder was so helpful that he helped me in understanding each and every dish so that I can order few. I will be writing down whatever is being served and whatever I ate below.

Cheese platter: This consists of different types of cheese, cheese biscuits and fruits.


Mini Focaccia bread & Multi grain bugget: These are freshly baked breads which are crispy from outside and soft from inside.


Schiacciatta bread: It’s Italian flat bread that is prepared as thin round sheet dough with dimple surfaced crust.

Mini calzone: It is a folded Italian oven baked pizza. Calzone generally have fillings which pizzas have as toppings. In Veg. they served Tomatoes & cheese as a stuffing & in Non-Veg. they served Turkey as a stuffing.


Sundried tomatoes herb pizza & Olive pizza: When we generally order pizza what they do is put so much cheese and base is also sometimes not that up to the mark. But in renaissance these two pizzas are mouthwatering and with perfect amount of ingredients used inside.

Sundried tomatoes herb pizza
Olive Pizza

Cherry tomatoes shrimp pizza & Special Margarita pizza: I guess margarita pizza is one of the classic pizza we have had since our childhood and is also a rescue for me when I have nothing to order or I don’t have anything in mind. Margarita pizza which I use to eat since childhood and it was my very first pizza when I was introduced to Italian cuisine, I can clearly taste the difference of Renaissance cooking and other pizza outlets. It had fresh vegetables and perfect amount of cheese. Where shrimp pizza was baked accurately with right ingredients. It was crispy and taste as very different from any other pizza as I tried shrimp pizza for the first time.

Margarita Pizza
Cherry tomato Shrimp Pizza

Feta cheese and jalapeno croquette: Croquettes are breadcrumbed fried rolls with stuffing. Mine had jalapeno and feta cheese inside and is generally used as a starter or fast food.


Grilled polenta steak with saffron cheese sauce: It was a grilled small cake like piece which was made by Italian semolina known as Polenta with saffron cheese sauce garnished with pesto and tomatoes. It was soft and non oily.



I have been served two different types of raviolis in which one was vegetarian and other was non vegetarian in different sauce.

 Pasiata polo pesto ravioli : This was filled with shredded chicken and it tasted more like butter chicken which we have in India. The chicken flavor was so raw while biting the pieces. Chicken was all juicy and with that red sauce.


Spinach & Feta cheese ravioli with cheese sauce: It was made in cheese sauce. Raviolis were stuffed with cooked spinach and it was my favorite because I love spinach items.


Baked vegetable lasagne: This was the last and final dish on the platter. It had all cooked vegetables topped with baked cheese layering, giving a tangy flavor while eating.


Saffron & cheese dip

Mustard & dill leaves dip


Sunday tomato with olive and garlic dip


It’s an Italian custard desert and any Italian cuisine is incomplete without this dessert. Chef. Jitendra who take cares of pastry department was preparing some live tiramisu at the counter. This is the best part because for the first time I have experienced live tiramisu making. It is a mixture of whipped egg whites, cocoa, biscuits and hazelnut dip. The uniqueness of tiramisu was it was so light and less sugary that it was it giving the feeling of heaviness while eating it.


My final verdict is if you love Italian cuisine then it’s a must visit for you and even if you don’t like Italian like me then you definitely visit the food fest because you will fall in love with the cuisine like I have fallen in love with . They are offering 6-8 different types of freshely baked breads as they have there own ovens for baking breads and pizzas, 6 types of Lavash, 6 types of Grissini/ breadsticks accompanied with variety of dips, and 10-12 different variety of pizzas which won’t leave you empty stomach for at least two days 😛 (Just kidding).


Details :  Here

Instagram : Here

Much Love,





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