Royal Devour at Fairfield by Marriott

Hello Loves,

Well these days are becoming hectic & hotter (like me- Just kidding )  and I’m working like anything to give you perfect ideas for the trends so that you can look gorgeous in the scorching heat and writing down suggestions about where to go and what to eat around the city because its summer and I am sure you all would not like to roam around places to find the best food while get exhausted.

So few days back I attended “The Royal kebab and curry festival” at Fairfield Marriott. As I am a die-heart fan of Mughlai cuisine I cannot miss the opportunity to attend it.


The best part about Fairfield is the taste of the food which is very authentic and the food is always scrumptious. Also if we talk about the quantity, it’s a buffet system where you can take food according to your appetite and there is no wastage.

Awadhi cuisine is native to the city of Lucknow and kebabs are integral part of the cuisine and lucknow is proud of it. There are several varieties in kebabs and curries when it comes to the Awadhi food. Kebabs are basically round or cylindrical patties made up of meat and other spices and herbs.

I have been served all the various kebabs & Curries dishes by Indian Tandoor Chef. Parvez Quereshi  in non vegetarian and vegetarian as well which I will be listing down.



Non vegetarian

  1. Chicken Pasanda : Earlier I have tried pasanda at famous chowk in Lucknow and thought this is the only authentic taste I could get in Lucknow. But I was wrong as I have tasted pasanda here in Fairfield, my viewpoint on kebabs and other non vegetarian food has been changed. It was the most tender and less spicy one. Pasanda is basically marinated and sautéed.DSC_3405
  2. Galawat Kebab : Galawat kebabs are basically originated from Lucknow and the specialty of galawat’s is that they melt in mouth. It generally has around 150 spices to make this kind of kebabs and binding agents are used to make it.DSC_3412
  3. Murg Pakizah : This was made out of chicken breast and was stuffed with different spices and herbs again it was tender and full of authentic flavors. DSC_3423
  4. Zafraani Murg tikka : Next In line was Zafraani murgh tikka which was made from boneless leg piece of chicken and had tangy flavor giving the feel of tandoori chicken in the mouth.DSC_3438
  5. Shami kebab : It is made by minced meat with onions, coriander and green chilies. It also has raw mango in it so the best time to have shami kebab is April and may when mangoes are young.DSC_3448


  1. Sabj Boti : Sabj boti was made by brinjal and had more of brinjalish flavor. Because I think whenever any spices we use with brinjal, brinjal don’t absorb it and we can only get more of a brinjal taste in mouth.DSC_3449
  2. Nawabi Paneer : It was classic paneer tikka made with kasturi methi with lemon squeezed on it.DSC_3463
  3. Dahi ke kebab : Dahi ke kebab’s are new in Lucknow market I suppose because I keep on seeing them more here and there now-a-days. Dahi ke kebab as name tells made u with dahi and shredded paneer and it was different in taste from anywhere else.DSC_3464


Curry better known as Korma in Awadhi cuisine is basically braising of meat, chicken, lamb etc in spiced sauces enriched with groundnuts, cream & butter. Curries have different intensity of water, some of them are rich and some are watery depends on the preparation.

  1. Kate masaale ki raan : There is nothing traditional like Raan because of the exquisite taste and mouth watering Raan is thigh piece of lamb  which is cooked for long time until it becomes soft with other spices. The curry which was served was thick and delicious. To be frank I never had such delicious curry which has thick consistency, mostly  curries are very watery and have less spices used.DSC_3511


They also have lamb & chicken biryani if in case you are crazy about rice like me. I cannot imagine my food without rice but now-a-days I am trying not to go overboard with it.DSC_3507


The royal kebabs and curry fest is till 30th April 2017 and the charges are INR 700/- Per person for non veg and vegetarian bothDo let me know if you liked the food or not?

For reservations you can call : 0522-3055555 & 07570000856

Much Love,



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  1. Heck yeah this is extacly what I needed.


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