Myths Busted by VLCC at VLCC Style Statements

Hello all,

As you all are well aware that I have attended Vlcc Style statements session at VLCC in Lucknow with my fellow bloggers few days back and I have asked you all to ask me questions on skin care routine , beauty , hair or fitness so that I can ask them to the experts and provide you with best possible answers. I have also done LIVE sessions on Instagram and Facebook from VLCC so that I can keep you  all updated about what I was doing there. Also you can find all your question below answered by beauty category manager Ms. Sushmita Verma who came down from Gurgoan to bust all the myths and clear all the doubts which we had.

Ms. Sushmita Verma


Let’s get started.

VLCC is not a new name in the beauty and fitness industry. It is widely recognized for its weight loss solutions & therapeutic approach to beauty treatments. They have various centers across the globe offering beauty services at reasonable prices even the product is value for money. So there were many questions floating around the sessions but I will be writing down few major questions which many of you have asked me.

Q.1 : How to apply sunscreen and what’s the right SPF.

Ans. Well there is no such thing like applying sunscreen before going out and it will work whole day. Whatever SPF you want to use you can buy but you have to apply it on 9-3-6 routine i.e  apply at 9 am then re-apply at 3 Pm and then at 6pm.

Q.2 : Why dandruff happens anytime during any season?

Ans. Dandruff can happen mainly due to three reasons:

  1. Hereditary: May be it’s in your genes. Check your family’s past history.
  2. Hormonal : Sometimes you get dandruff due to hormonal changes in body or due to hormonal imbalance
  3. Due to dirt : If you keep your hair dirty and don’t take proper care of it you are more likely to prone to dandruff problem.

Q.3 : What to do for chap/dry lips in summer weather.

Ans. : There are many options in beauty products which you can buy but if you are looking for some home remedy then you should apply “Desi Ghee” in your navel every night while going to bed. It will keep your lips moisturize. Although it’s result won’t come out fast but they are pretty effective. ( I have done this and results are worth the wait)

 Q.4 :  How to get rid of Dark circles?

Ans. : Stop partying at night.. 😛 (ha ha ha). That was the answer which I got from the experts  ( Just to make the mood light) anyways well Under eye is the MOST SENSITIVE area of our face and mostly untouched. We don’t take proper care and sleep and that’s why problem arises. For reducing under eye circles one have to start taking proper sleep of 8 hours,should eat proper food, hydrate and nourish the skin.

Apart from that if you are looking for permanent dark circles remover then VLCC offers wide range of therapy which will help you getting rid of the same.

Q.5 : How to deal with acne and pimple spots.

Ans. : There is no age when you can get acne. It can come at any age be it teenage or even if you are in your 30’s. Basic problem is hormonal change i.e mostly everyone gets there acne when they hit puberty and sometimes much later than that. Acne’s are little bumps which grows on face , they can be cysts, pimples, blackheads anything. Sometimes we all become lazy and forget to remove makeup which also results in pimple next day. So to get rid of acne, pimples  and its spots, one should keep their face clean and wash it thrice a day atleast. The C-T-M routine is must if you wish to get flawless skin. By C-T-M it means Cleansing, Toning and the Moisturizing.


I hope all these answers will help you more in making your skin & hair better. Also if you have any further queries you can anytime drop a mail and I will try answering them because at VLCC we interacted so much in session and many myths were busted and questions were answered.

Do let me know if you liked this post or not?

Much Love,



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