Rangeelo Rajasthan – Food Fest At Sepia

Few days back I have attended “Rangeelo Rajasthan “ food festival at sepia in Renaissance Lucknow . As soon as I went there I have seen the Rajasthani colorful ambiance and I fell in love instantly.They had decorated it with Electric Lantern and already Sepia have dim light interiors so it is best for laid back or romantic dinners.

Rajasthani cuisine was influenced by both the war-like lifestyles of its inhabitants and the availability of ingredients in this arid region. Food that could last for several days and could be eaten without heating was preferred. Scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables have all had their effect on the cooking.

About the food

StartersNew folder1

In Vegetarian starters they have :

1.Paneer ke sule which is basically a cottage cheese marinated with hung curd and rajasthani mathaniya chili.
2. Second in line was Veg. Boti kebab, it has a mixture of garden green vegetable dumplings marinated with hung curd and turmeric roots.
3. Thirdly they had Thar ke paapad in the menu which was basically papad stuffed with potato,and gatta. This one is my favorite one.
4.They also served soup named “Raab” which is a preparation made by Pearl millets & yogurt broth. It was very light on stomach and also very mild in taste plus this is the best soup I had in recent times.


In Non veg starters they have :

  1. Murgh Tikka banjara includes chicken morsels marinated with brown onion and cahsew nut.
  2. Mans ke sule are baby lamb chunks rajasthani mathaniya chili
  3. Rai ki machli which is basically fish chunks marinated with brown mustard seed and yogurt.

Main Course


In Main Course I had around 15 dishes :

Vegetarian Main course

  1. Paneer mirch masala
  2. Kair Sangri
  3. Motiya Pulao
  4. Daal tripolia
  5. Chakki ka saag
  6. Papad Mungodi ki sabji
  7. Gwaar ki phali
  8. Daal Baati, choorma
  9. Bikaneri Paratha
  10. Baajre ki roti

Non-Veg Main Course :

  1. Chicken Pulao
  2. Laal Maas
  3. Charga murgh


In sweets they had the best sweets in this world which are my favorite :

  1.  Malai ghewar
  2. Gulaab sakri

They also have special chef from Rajasthan Mr. Afroz Alam who is totally into Rajasthani cuisine. Fest is going on in Sepia which is in Renissance and the also have duo who perform LIVE singing for the guests. I had the best time there and if you also wish to enjoy this delicious food and music then this “Rangeelo Rajasthan” fest is up till 28th May and the whole price of the meal is  1500/- per person (Inclusive of taxes). You can find more information HERE


Much Love,



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