Top five things to do in Abu dhabi

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Everyone has a bucket list of places they want to travel and I am not at all different. I have prepared one bucket list and thought of sharing with you all one of its place where I want to visit so much, its Abu dhabi. Yes, I know that just by reading this name “Abu dhabi” we all picture a beautiful city surrounded by lush beachside and beautiful architecture. It is one of the major attractions in tourist’s eyes. So I am penning down top 5 attractions you can visit if you planning for Abu Dhabi.

  • Elegant Emirates palace hotel: This place is heaven on earth. If you are looking for totally luxurious stay and spent some time to feel like a prince or princess. This place has the beautiful view and the finest cuisine.kiauh_bbq-al-qasr-3
  • Desert safari: If you in Abu dhabi and you haven’t visited desert safari and enjoyed the thrill it has to offer you missing on a major part of your itinerary. From sand dunes to belly dancing everything is must to try once in your lifetime.2013_moretosee_6_gallery
  • Ferrari world: If you love that adrenaline rush inside your body and want to experience thrill and excitement then this place is for you. It has world’s fastest roller coaster as well as many other rides to choose from.Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Ferrari world
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque : This is a beautiful architectural work of art and is world’s largest mosque with capacity of 40000 worshippers. It has a beautiful 82 domes,24 carat gold glided chandeliers and the world largest hand knotted carpet. It is surrounded by beautiful pools which reflect the mosque and make it more beautiful and by night unique lighting system reflects the phases of moon.When nature embraces archeticture
  • Zaya Nurai Island: Imagine waking up inside the private villa with totally unspoiled beaches and blue water around while gazing at the serenity this place have. Nurai Island have watervillas which you will fall in love with. This is a private island resort with a 32 bed, all villa hotels with 23 private residences and watervillas.44649871

This is my bucket list for Abu Dhabi. If you wish to visit this beautiful place you can visit this link and plan your trip.

Click HERE


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7 thoughts on “Top five things to do in Abu dhabi

  1. This is so helpful! Thankyou❤


  2. Will definitely keep in mind to check it out next time am there!


  3. Will definitely keep in mind to check it out next time am there!


  4. That’s quite a list


  5. So well written! Need to go there NOW😍


  6. Love the information girl 👌👌


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