Pampering Session with Toni & Guy

Hey Lovelies,
As you all know few days back I have visited Toni & guy for some pampering of my face, hair and feet as this humid season is literally killing me. And the best part is it’s there anniversary month so they are giving 25% off on any 4 services without any T&C.
So I have taken 4 services which I will mention down below:
1. Dermalogica Facial : In Dermalogica facial Mrs. Saroj who is an expert from Dermalogica only has done my FACE MAPPING where the analyze the skin in depth & design a treatment that’s different everytime as every time your skin is different. The results were truly different from any other facial I took till now and it was very glowing,hydrated and luminous even after few days of getting it.
2. Foot Reflexology : This is basically a  technique of giving pressure to feet with thumb, finger and hand techniques with foot cream. I was the most relaxing session. And for around 45 mins. I had the best relaxation time.
New fo
3. Hair Kerastase spa : This ritual includes Diagnosis of my hair to decide which shampoo and conditioner should be used for the treatment. After the shampoo they sprayed boosters according to my hair problem and leaving it for some minutes application of hair mask was started followed by relaxing hair massage to stimulate the products in my hair.. Finally it ended with a hair steam and they rinsed off all the products by normal water and towel dried it. I could clearly see the difference and if you also want to see you can hit link on my video which is HERE.
New folder2
New folder3
4. Threading : Last service was threading because why not 😛
I had the best experience at Toni & Guy and if you also want to pamper yourself or just want to relax you can book from various services from body spa to foot reflexology and indulge yourself in the best relaxation time.
Hope you liked reading it.
Much Love,

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