Lunch-ing at Cafe TC

Hey Loves,

Well I keep on attending bloggers meet at different cafés, lounge and restaurants. So I would like to ask you all one thing! When you enter some place like lounge, café etc what did you notice first? For me it’s always music and interiors and of course I am not denying that food doesn’t play a major role.

Recently I have visited this beautiful place Turquoise Cottage Lucknow i.e Cafe TC where they invited bloggers for lunch. This place has opened door few days back and I must say they are topping my charts. Apart from beautiful and intrinsic interiors they also have the best food presentation which will drool your taste buds as it enhances the aesthetics so much and trust me I haven’t seen this level of plating anywhere around the city.




Food : What I tasted :

Fig Fighter ( Shake)

Jalapeno broccoli soup

TC style Som tam salad

Watermelon & Feta salad with honey emulsion

Crispy fried wonton salad

General Tso’s dumplings

Prawn Sui Mai

Oriental Veg sampler

Indian Veg platter

Indian Non veg platter

Seafood sampler

Crunchy chili chicken


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It’s a must visit place if you are around and you won’t regret it. They also have bar area where you can quench your thirst too 😉


My Personal Favorites are Jalapeno broccoli soup, Crunchy chili chicken and crispy wonton salad. Do let me know how you liked the food. I will wait for e-mails, in my mail box.

Turquoise Cafe 

Instagram : Click Here

Facebook : Click Here


Much Love,



1 thought on “Lunch-ing at Cafe TC

  1. Your post is amazing…. I will definitely going checkout this beautiful cafe soon 💙


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