Coffin Nails ft. Extension Port

I have always had this bad habit of biting nail since I was a kid .I never had long feminine nails. So whenever I feel like so, I go to a salon for some nail extensions. I personally prefer the Gel ones. They look very shiny and sleek and you can have those amazing nails which you always wanted . You can also go for the Acrylics. Top off with gel polishes and no one’s gonna notice the difference. Also after one month you can get the refill done for make them last longer.
Recently I had my nails done in new location for me. I went to fun mall for my regular shopping and saw this cute little cubicle named ” extensionPORT ” in front of Shoppers Stop First floor, as I went inside I was amazed by the services they are providing.
Earlier I thought they are just Nail bar but as I went ahead I got to know they are LUCKNOW’S FIRST EYELASH EXTENSION & 100% Real HUMAN HAIR EXTENSION studio.
The best thing about the studio is there products are FDA approved , that means they are safe to use and is approved by U.S. & the second best thing about them is they are using 100% human hair for extensions which you can curl, straighten like your real hair.
About Extensions

Nail Extension

Hands are one of the first thing we notice about someone and obviously nails add a statement to our outfit as well. Getting nail extensions is such a staple now. You’ll get your desired length, the fancy nail art you always wanted to and the best part is that they are blissfully affordable. Choose your desired shape and add your personal touch and bling to your boring hands.
Eyelash Extension
This one for me is totally new as I had so many misconceptions about it but thankfully, Mrs. Rajni Saraf (Owner) helped me overcome that and finally I got to know that eyelash extension is not at all a painful process. Well I will be covering this one in next blog so I wont disclose much about it here. But just for the information they also offer a wide range in them. They have two types of extensions- classic and volume moreover that’s not it they also have different looks in them according to your eye shape. So now you have the way to look fresh always with Lucknow’s first eyelash extension studio.
Hair Extension
Well as I mentioned above they are providing 100% real human hair so without a doubt you can go and get them. They have the solution to all your hair problem. You can get permanent hair to hair pasting, ponytails, partial wigs and many more options. Apart from normal extensions they also provide colorful human hair extensions, ombre & highlights colored hair extension. So you have it now, Always wanted long and voluminous hair? You have the answer. Want to go all colorful and playful? don’t spoil your original hair with all the chemicals. Just go with coloured extensions and you can have them all. From ombre to crazy colours. You name it and they have them.
So these are my newly placed nail extensions..
Lastly the bestest thing is they have such an affordable price that you will be amazed.
 So go give them a visit , I am sure you won’t regret, and will thank  me later.
Much Love,

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