Dyed Locks ft. Kuts n kolors

I have read this quote somewhere “You are always one decision away from a totally different life” and I always start to rethink about this quote whenever I have to decide on something or I am confused. And something like this happened when recently I visited Kuts n Kolors for my haircolor.

I remember an year back when I was going for hair color I told my hair color expert that do something which is less visible as I was totally scared of trying something new. And this time also as I was inside the salon I told the expert to do dark brown ombre, but then he showed me few sample pictures of beautifully done copper, golden,red , blue ombre’s and highlights and I instantly fell in love so I thought lets go for Copper & red highlighted ombre look which was new for me.

Well I had so many myths before getting haircolor done for eg.

  1. Will the color will bleed out soon or
  2. My hair will become gray or
  3. Will it dry out or damage my hair!!

So the answer for above questions is No.

  1. It won’t bleed out soon if you choose color wisely and asking the expert prior about the durability of the color and you should use color protect shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Also it won’t gray your hair as it doesn’t touch your roots atleast ombre’s & highlights are done in the lengths of the hair.
  3. And lastly it will definitely make your hair a little bit dry but not to worry your conditioner will take care of it.

Check out my hair color journey.

DSC_0785DSC_0801DSC_0884DSC_0895Untitled Export5

Although hair coloring is a long process but I had fun because of the most sweetest staff at “Kuts n kolors” have and also the Owner Mrs. Poonam Ranjan chowdhary was managing everything so fabulously that I haven’t felt that I was in any salon.

You can visit Kuts n kolors at Gole Market Mahanagar, Lucknow 

Also you can check there Instagram Page : Here




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