New in From Rosegal

Hi loves,

I was seeing this vintage sunglasses trend all over and wanted to get one. As I saw them on Rosegal I instantly ordered them. They are pretty amazing, the quality is great and they look totally vintage.

Next thing which I ordered from Rosegal is Kimono, as Coachella was around so I thought of creating a look with that, And lastly, I ordered ribbed tank top because in summer they look great when paired with denim, shorts or skirts.

  1. Vintage Sunglasses
  2. IMG_4804_mr1524074970493IG_4887_mr1524075019810IMG_4935.jpg

2. Kimono : IMG_4858_mr1524074637602IMG_4829_mr1524074817103-01

3. Ribbed tank top



Do let me know if you liked the look.

Buy From Here :

  1. Watermelon shaped Sunglasses : Click Here
  2. Black metal sunglasses : Click Here
  3. Red rimless sunglasses : Click Here
  4. Kimono : Click Here
  5. Tank top : Click Here

RoseGal : Click Here


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