Go edgy ft. Minutiae

“Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak “

These lines by Rachel Zoe completely summarize the essence of the brand ” Minutiae”(Pronounced as mi.noo.she.aye) which means finer details.

Like the name suggests, they take care of every minute detail to making your shopping experience worthwhile. Minutiae brings to you an array of fashion accessories to complete your ensemble. The options are endless. Accessories are colorful, vibrant and dramatic to keep up your style quotient. Different is beautiful and they truly believe in it and they try to reflect this thought in their work.

The best thing is they also provide combo packages which I have received it includes 2-3 pieces of handpicked jewelry. The packages are packed in the handmade paper box with beautifully wrapped in jute clothes which gives a personal touch to all of the products.  And the cherry on the cake is, you can always ask them for gift wrapping your parcel in case you are planning to gift it to someone and make your loved ones feel even more loved.  💕

The USP is the pricing. The prices vary from ₹150-₹3000, as they have something for everyone.

Products I have received :

  1. Silver ghungroo bangles
  2.  Silver neckpiece
  3.  Golden Lotus earrings
  4. Clutch bag

I have created a very basic college look where I raided my dad’s wardrobe and wore his white shirt with my rajasthani long skirt and added this beautiful neckpiece and bangles on it. My favorite is Ghungroo bangles here because I am a sucker for anything which have ghungroo in it. Also to complete the look I took this clutch because its really casual and goes with almost any outfit.



Let me know if you like my casual look which I created with the help of  few jewellery and bag which added the edge to my whole outfit. I am totally going gaga over my jewellery and bag to order yours click HERE

Much Love,



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