Post – Holi Care

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Pre-Holi Care

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Hi Lovelies,

As you all know we have one Contributor “Espraha Tandon” at Vineyardpassage . She is a expert technical trainer in beauty & nutrition in a reputed beauty institute, and also handles spa and nails section. She will be writing all about skin care majorly. Hope you will like this collaboration of ours and yeah do let me know if you want to know anything specific about beauty and nutrition..

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Charming Charms

Hi Lovelies, Its been a very fluctuating week in terms of my health. Still fighting with flu 😦 Well keeping all these things aside let’s come back to my post. So I have received a beautiful box from Pink hippo Store.   About the Box Pink hippo Store have this Charm Box club in which…

Quirky Quickies : Revamp your space

Hi Lovelies, This time I came up with lifestyle post. I am really being lazy in doing DIY’s but I promise I will make one DIY post super soon for you. Till then this “Quicky” which might help you out if you looking out for some tips to revamp your space.. If you planning to revamp…