Sugar & Spice

“Sugar,spice & everything nice…”

Hi Lovelies,

First of all, a big sorry to my readers who inboxed me and asked why I dint uploaded anything last week. The reason is I was unwell and as well as I was gearing up for this post and No No I am not writing Powerpuff girl’s recipe, but it’s the same which came into my mind at the very first go when I entered cappuccino blast.

Last week I attended “Lucknow Bloggers Meet” at this very beautiful place “Cappuccino blast” which is situated in the posh locality (Mall Avenue) of Lucknow. And I am very sure that most of you must have aware of this place by now as this is one of the leading chains in Lucknow started by Vaid sisters, Puja Nemani ( Owner of Cappuccino Blast) & Arti Vaid (Owner of Buttercup Bungalow) at that time when it was a big deal for a women to start something like this. But these two never stopped and made there dream restaurant talk of the town. Oh, ya by the way they have launched their other branches in Aishbagh with same name cappuccino blast last year so if you live in old Lucknow you can easily access that place. They now have non-vegetarian dishes as well as regular bar section for people who want to taste best cocktails. And as usual they are excelling in interiors once again. (I am a fan of interiors, exteriors and just everything of this place).

So coming back to meet as soon as I entered I saw Lush green trees, artistic light holders and colourful ambience as I strolled through the entire café I noticed that this café is full of life and greenery. It has 5 sections. One is open-air café, and then they have indoor space also including a rooftop space. A bakery named as “Buttercup bungalow” and a fine dining restaurant “Ultra Violet” and how can I forget a beautiful shop which has all handpicked vintage to modern items to decorate your home.

After noticing such beauty I was very hungry and eager as well to taste their delicacies which were about to be served.  As soon as we sat for our lunch (AFTER BIG SELFIE SESSION: And yes I will be attaching pictures of our selfie sessions too. These girls are just adorable and so awesome…), in a blink of an eye, the table was so full with starters and main course.

We were served around more than 15 delicacies which are listed below:


Honey chilly potato

 Italian Pasta salad and bruschetta

Main course

Khowsuey (Burmese dish)

Fettuccine Araliya

Mushroom & Cheese Enchilada

Cheese fondue

Spaghetti Bolognese

Garden surprise Sizzler

Spinach corn risotto

Soya chaap sticks

Mexican rice

Original Falafel

Cheese croquettes

Spicy Garlic Risotto

Penne Alfredo veg.

Desserts & Drinks

Red Velvet cake

Cheese cake

Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate fondue

Gui chocolate oreo pudding

Irish Cold Coffee

So starting from the starters I really liked honey chilly potato which is my forever favourite. Texture and taste of both were just right.

Coming to the main course we had around 15 dishes and trust me it was very hard to judge between them. Each of them was truly delicious and mouth-watering. My personal favourite was Garden surprise sizzler which had baby corn, mushroom & paneer cooked in rich creamy tomato sauce and served with pasta, stir-fried veggies and French fries which had just the right taste as in no spices had a too strong impact or too less. Mexican rice was again among one of the favorites because firstly its RICE, yes I can die for rice and secondly it had kidney beans (LOVE got its new name i.e Mexican rice) and lastly Cheese fondue yes it was served at the time of the main course and as soon as I saw that on my table I just felt like swimming inside cheese. It was “heavenlyawsomelydelicious”.

After this humongous main course activity, I was so full that I had no room left for desserts but then red velvet cake, cheesecake cupcakes and chocolate fondue came and I couldn’t resist myself but to gulp it.

Red velvet & cheesecake is buttercup’s speciality and trust me guys it’s a must-try you will never get such a fine red velvet cake anywhere in Lucknow and that chocolate fondue is something to die for.

It is HEAVEN on your plate and lastly, I had Irish cold coffee which  was cherry on the top because coffee is my bae ( 😛 LOL)

I am not a big-time foodie but I don’t mind myself treating with such delicacies under one roof. If you haven’t tried these items in cappuccino blast then you are missing on many things.

Guys, it’s a must-visit place I really enjoyed the food and not to forget they have prompt services. They know that you came here hungry and you want food asap 😛 and they never let you wait for hours. Till then treat your eyes with these yummy pictures. I tried clicking each & every dish but still skipped few because of FOOD :p

Cappuccino Blast Entrance





bruschettaChicken saute (1)Chicken saute (2)Chicken saute (3)DSC_0006DSC_0009

Main Course

DSC_0015DSC_0017DSC_0019DSC_0021DSC_0024Cheese fondue (1)IMG_20160615_164350IMG_20160615_164403DSC_0027DSC_0031IMG_20160615_174231IMG_20160615_174349DSC_0020






Selfie sessions ♥♥ with cuties


Look at me and my face I was so full cudn’t move .. 😛


This Girl is L♥ve


My Beautiful Co-Bloggers

Starters & Main course : Cappuccino Blast | Desserts : Buttercup Bungalow

P.S. I never had so much food and so much variety in my life on my plate, table or anywhere else..

I know you all must be feeling hungry after reading this so, I suggest you visit this super awesome place and pamper yourself.

Much Love,



4 thoughts on “Sugar & Spice

  1. Aanchal Praveen June 30, 2016 — 11:37 am

    No words to say..
    Heavenly decor
    and more heavenly food…
    M going to this place very soon for sure.
    -love ur writing-


    1. Thank you so much aanchal 🙂
      Will wait for your feedback. 😀


  2. It was an awesome meet indeed Shishta… so much of food and love literally overflowing everywhere…. Wonderful to meet you all and topping it with some sumptuous delights. Love this post….


  3. I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much earsei!


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